We offer a comprehensive design service where innovative and workable designs are offered which enhances the appeal of our clients business, styling and presentation keeps them ahead of their competitors.

Flexible. Our designs encourage clients input and together we can design workable layouts that meet the needs of our clients businesses, layout of counters and fixtures complete with concept and manufacturing drawings.

Modern Concepts. Our team attends exhibitions Australia wide thus cementing our position within the industry and keeping our profile at the forefront of our market, our manufacturing department has cutting edge equipment enabling us to use the materials most suited to our clients needs, keeping tendered pricing and quality of work
to budget.

Efficiency. Our team posses the skill and knowledge of production along with installation techniques which
deliver all aspects of concept and specifications to suit Clients position within their industry.

Solutions. Our designs have been accepted by a range of high profile retailers where supporting fixtures are seen as just that support, and not a feature thus enhancing the visual appeal of the retail business.

We offer fresh approach towards presenting your business, plus the design concepts and know how in all phases of the industry.